Grant Eligibility

3.1 Eligible Grantees

The TEF eligible grantees will include:

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), (including associations, schools, colleges and universities, religious organizations, research organizations).
  • Community-based organizations (CBOs), organizations who are defined geographically and whose mission is the betterment of their total community  .
  • Other appropriate local, or regional entities of, or active in St. Lucia

3.3 Eligible Activities

The TEF aims to allow members of the SLHTA greater control of its own pool of financial resources;

  • to support activities of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority,
  • undertake local product development projects
  • support private sector initiatives designed to strengthen Saint Lucia’s Tourism product and strengthen the economic environment needed for the local tourism private sector to thrive.

To further this goal, TEF will support innovative and effective Capacity-Building Projects and Activities in the selected areas of focus in particular TEF will support;

  • The Human Resource Development of tourism industry employees and potential employees
  • socio-economic projects that positively impact the livelihoods of individuals in a community based setting.
  • Marine and Terrestrial Conservation projects that impact directly on the tourism industry
  • community Awareness about Tourism related issues

It is envisioned that the public awareness and education components of each of the previously stated activities will also be realized using TEF Grant Income.

3.4 Ineligible Activities

TEF Grants shall not be used or expended directly or indirectly:

For the purpose of creating or disseminating political propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation or any government act or decision.

To participate in any political campaign on behalf of any political party or any candidate for public office.

In such a manner that constitutes or could reasonably be expected to give the appearance of a Conflict of Interest.

In such a manner that violated, or could reasonably be expected to give the appearance of a violation of the provisions of the Inter-American Convention on Corruption and any implementing national laws or similar applicable statutes or regulations.