Mr. James Crockett says ‘Thank You’ to TEF for sponsoring the Jus Sail Training Programme

The Jus’ Sail Team are so very grateful to the TEF and its board of directors for awarding the Jus’ Sail Youth Training Programme, now in its fourth year, a grant for the 2015 programme. This sizeable grant will cover the vast majority of the costs our programme. Jus’ Sail believe that for the island’s tourism industry to reach its full potential, the youth of the island must be supported more fully to achieve their potential and make their contribution. This is what the Jus’ Sail programme aims to achieve through a focus on sailing and the marine environment, which make for the most powerful learning experiences within the most dynamic classroom setting – out on the water, in the elements. A huge thank you to the TEF for helping to make this opportunity happen for these young persons.”

Simona Jn Baptiste (Principal of Canaries Infant School) expresses her gratitude to SLHTA TEF for support to Canaries Infant School After Christmas Trough.

“It is one year since the school was destroyed by the 2013 Christmas Eve Trough. SLHTA was our biggest donor who made it possible for us to reopen school three weeks after normal date for reopening. The many office supplies, kitchen equipment and utensils, cleaning and learning resources, school bags and materials for students and an eating area to facilitate the school feeding programme. SLHTA’s Tourism Enhancement Fund surely made effective learning possible after the devastation caused in 2013. We want to wish you well in your future endeavors and have a prosperous New Year. Once again THANK YOU!!”

Soufriere Hospitality Manager Mentorship Programme

“The SLHTA Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) is assisting Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain Resorts by contributing towards the stipend being offered to 22 students of the SCSS for their participation in the work experience program.  We wish to thank SLHTA for their collaboration and express our gratitude to the TEF for recognizing this program to be worthy of the fund’s support.”