“This programme means a lot to me” – Jus Sail Youth Training Programme Participant

An initiative proudly sponsored by the SLHTA’s Tourism Enhancement Fund

Approximately 4 weeks into the theoretical part of their training, the students are already applauding the facilitators for what they say is a timely and relevant programme. The students hail from communities as far as Choiseul, Jacmel, Dennery Mabouya Valley, Castries and environs. According to Oswald Richard who is originally from the community of Choiseul “I found out about the programme on facebook, then I visited the website to find out more about the programme. So I filled out an application, sent it in then got accepted. Coming into this programme I got some new experiences. I would like to thank them for this opportunity. I think there should be more of these programmes to decrease the level of crime on island.”

The three tenets underlying the programme are – Training – Certification – Employment. The aim of the Jus’ Sail Youth Training Programme is to assist young St Lucians who have a commitment to improving their skills to find sustainable employment within the yachting or wider service and hospitality sectors. Jus’ Sail believes that sailing offers an unparalleled learning environment in transferable skills and personal development.

Marcus from La Clery admitted that “It’s an opportunity for us to better ourselves, as I like to learn new skills. Although I can swim, I was a bit afraid of the water, so I now trust the water. Through the training, I was able to learn how to swim the right way.”

The training programme schedule of activities includes:

  • First Aid and CPR certification;
  • Swim to Survive Certification with the St Lucia Lifesaving Association;
  • PADI Skin Diver Certificate (required to be a snorkel guide)
  • International Crew Certification with Jus’ Sail through their accredited sailing school with International Yacht Training Worldwide and preparation to take the SLASPA crew certificate required to work on charter vessels in St Lucia;
  • Customer service workshops;
  • Personal development workshops;
  • Conflict resolution and effective communications workshop;
  • Teambuilding and leadership development sailing sessions
  • And a minimum of two weeks work experience within a suitable workplace.

Gillia St Helair says “What really caught my attention is the FirstAid and Swimming. I cannot swim so I am hoping to master it. I have held many office positions before and realized that I prefer being outdoor and being active.”  At the completion of this programme successful participants will be assisted in reviewing their CV to seek gainful employment.

The Jus’ Sail’s facilitators are always eager to meet prospective students, getting them trained and watching them grow from strength to strength becoming successful and much-respected members of the teams in which they work across the marine and wider tourism sector.

The Tourism Enhancement Fund Projects Coordinator Wendel George stated that “I am very fond of this programme and would like to wish the students all the best throughout their training. Further, I think that the directors of the Jus Sail Training Programme James and Pepsi Crockett are doing an amazing job with these young persons that they are training. I am pretty sure that the programme will continue to grow and become popular with more young people indicating their interest in pursuing it.”

For more information on the Jus’ Sail Youth Training Programme and its activities please refer to the Youth Training Page on the Jus’ Sail Website where you can download an application form.

If you are a local business and would potentially be interested in recruiting a graduate from the programme into your team please contact programme director James Crockett by email: james@jussail.com